DOG : Kevin Ramsden

DOG : Kevin RamsdenThe first five chapters of the book introduce the main characters through five interconnected stories. A cocky young drug dealer, greedy and ambitious, oversteps the mark and sets off a chain of events that will end in tragedy. A love-starved single-mother nurse battles to keep afloat in a not-quite-love triangle. An ex-serviceman turned minder with a queen and country-sized chip on his shoulder plots revenge. A mentally challenged, psychopathic, Liverpool-born drifter, whose head is host to a tormenting spirit loses

Red Blood : Kaitlyn Legaspi

Red Blood : Kaitlyn LegaspiIn the fifty-two domains, there exists two groups of people: The bound and unbound, those without powers and those with them. Only the unbound can hold the highest positions in the government: The Card Holders.

When her domain’s Card Holder dies, seventeen-year-old Neela Blydes is forced to participate in a tournament to find the unbound most worthy of leading the Queen of Hearts Doma

To Buy A Succubus : Dustin Midnight

To Buy A Succubus : Dustin MidnightLee West works a regular job in Horns Publishing. He’s just your normal single guy—or was—until he found himself winning a ring at an auction sale. Little does he know that this ring contains something far more elusive than he could imagine!

Soon, he’s about to release what’s hidden within him. His life will not be the same! Lee has to deal with this mysterious and beautiful creature. Is it possible he can survive to deal with such a monster?

Fear Me Now: The War Annex : Christopher Williams

Fear Me Now: The War Annex : Christopher WilliamsThis is a special edition of Fear Me Now. It includes a bonus additional chapter at the end entitled “The War Annex”.

“We were just little kids on our way to school that morning, ‘Why were they trying to kill us?’ I thought as the bullets continued to ricochet off the side of the bus. Then the glass shattered…

Set during the black conscious era of the early 90’s, in historic West

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