Assassin’s Mace: Origin : Robert Albers

Assassin's Mace: Origin : Robert AlbersThe world was not prepared for the changes that would come when a deadly virus spread and affected every aspect of life as it was known.

As the virus ravaged the world and governments cracked down on their citizenry, social and political unrest created chaos.

We’ve all been living through it and it still continues today. Where did the virus come from and how did it spread so quickly?

Zhao, a Chinese industrialist of immense

When Only Happily Ever After Will Do : Ceil Warren

When Only Happily Ever After Will Do : Ceil WarrenIt took Arthur 40 years to propose marriage. Now, Constance is expecting the wedding of her dreams. But when villagers spot a suspicious tartan-clad stranger in the middle of the night lurking at her son’s grave, in front of her bookshop and Arthur’s house, she must confront a secret past.

Her lifelong friends in the Connecticut village of Stones End wrap Constance in a protective cocoon. They see a differe

Politically Corrected : Kurt M. DiClementi

Politically Corrected : Kurt M. DiClementiKurt M. DiClementi wrote the novel Politically Corrected to challenge the notion that political solutions can affect a change in the hearts of those who have grown incorrigibly evil through amassing exorbitant amounts of wealth and power and ruthlessly subjugating others to their tyranny.

This book was written as a

Platinum Rust : Andrew Gniadek

Platinum Rust : Andrew GniadekThe first encounter James had with his new boss was having his burnt left arm ground off. Now the easy part was over it was time for the real work to begin. Training to recover enhanced soldiers for the government was going to require some special tools.

Platinum Left Arm, check.

Rusty Hand Cannon, check.

Can of Yak Chewing Tobacco, check.

Smart Ass Attitude, double-check.

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Chasing Time : Thomas Reilly

Chasing Time : Thomas ReillyRetired history professor Tony will stop at nothing to heal his wife’s terminal illness, even if it means he has to chase time.

Tony’s wife is dying a slow death and with each day, she crawls closer. It’s torture to watch her slip away so when Tony discovers a magical object from his yout

God, the Devil & the Curse of Tippecanoe : Lawrence David Niren

God, The Devil & The Curse Of Tippecanoe : Lawrence David NirenFact: Whoever is President in 2020 will either die in office, be shot, or be deathly ill. Nine Presidents prove that.

On March 4, 1841, William Henry Harrison was sworn in as the new President. He was 68 years old, which made him the oldest President ever. He rode into the Capital on a horse without a coat or hat in miserably freezing winter,

Deadly Pranks : Donald Rush

Deadly Pranks : Donald RushWhat happens when a joke turns deadly?

Growing up in the sleepy and idyllic town of Kirtland, Ohio, four teenage boys, lifelong friends, enjoy many innocent pastimes, including football, baseball, and camping. The one not-so-innocent pursuit they’ve got tangled up in: pranks. Things take a sinister turn when tragedy befalls a tight-knit farming family, and their beloved father lies dead.

Revenge is a dish best served with a side of sisterly devotion and anger

Prey for Dawn : Christopher Michael Blake

Prey for Dawn : Christopher Michael BlakeWalnford Plantation is a place haunted in history, forgotten in the annals of time, and abandoned since the atrocities committed there during the civil war. But the horrors occurring at Walnford Plantation have just begun as a private detective searches for a woman’s missing sister and husband.

A cheating wife plots to kill her husband. Three Nomad gang members chase two men searching for lost confederate gold. In one night, these people wil

Once Upon a Murderous Delusion : A.G. Russo

Once Upon a Murderous Delusion : A.G. RussoThe year is 1980 in a small, sleepy New England town. Out of nowhere, a series of devastating murders threaten the safety and well-being of the community. A serial killer has begun a deadly game of catch-me-if-you-can with local police, who have dubbed the carnage, “The Mommy Murders.”

Frightened residents are certain the violent rape/murders are in some way connected to the psychiatric unit of Parkhirst General Hospital. Nella, a nurse angst-r

The Answer From Surveyor 3 : Mark A. Marchand

The Answer From Surveyor 3 : Mark A. MarchandWhat if another person were present on the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository when Lee Harvey Oswald assassinated President Kennedy on Nov. 22, 1963? What if that person who was accidentally present … accidentally captured irrefutable evidence about what happened that day? This evidence could answer questions such as: Was Oswald alone? Was he aided by another person or persons? Was it actually Oswald?

This thrilling new histo

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