Happy Green Muscle : Sebastian Steinemann

Happy Green Muscle : Sebastian SteinemannHappy Green Muscle: The perfect system to muscle up from skinny beanpole to buff gorilla – with a plant-based diet.

Vegan diet for athletes is subject to a great deal of criticism, often without justification. One prejudice is the lack of nutrients such as quality protein and the consequent inability to build vegan muscles. However, these days an increasing number of success stories and research studies are underway a

skate[scape] skate + escape : Peter Soutullo

skate[scape] skate + escape : Peter SoutulloThe Relationship Between Creativity and Skateboarding – Visualized

skate[scape] skate + escape is a unique book capturing the creative intersection of graphic design and skateboarding. Through interviews, visuals and words, it seeks to answer the question, “Why do you skate?” This project, years in the making, was an idea to merge Peter Soutullo’s two passion

Unheralded : Dr. Brent Neale Melloy

Unheralded : Dr. Brent Neale MelloyIn 2006 the Lamar Consolidated Mustang football team was considered the favorite to win the Division I Class 4 A state title in Texas. After being upset in their semi-final matchup, graduation took a heavy toll on the team. 2007 was considered by most pundits to be a rebuilding year. But once Head Coach Lydell Wilson started to put the pieces back together, he realized the 2007 squad

Believe, Live, Run – A Story About Having Faith : Bertalan Thuróczy

Believe, Live, Run : Bertalan ThuróczyIn this story, the author tells how from a “village peasant” he became a biomedical engineer and what extreme challenges he had to confront on his way towards fulfilling his childhood dreams.

Long-distance running also played a major role in his complete recovery from a malignant tumor. In this regard, but regardless of sport, the author teaches us how much knowledg

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