The Land of Ampersand : Cynthia Correll

The Land of Ampersand : Cynthia CorrellFor curious minds of all ages, this refreshing book delivers an interactive experience with 60 original and playful full-color art images, a self-guided tour, and a creative exercise.

Eager for an enchanting respite or instant escape from daily life? Leave your wor

Happy Green Muscle : Sebastian Steinemann

Happy Green Muscle : Sebastian SteinemannHappy Green Muscle: The perfect system to muscle up from skinny beanpole to buff gorilla – with a plant-based diet.

Vegan diet for athletes is subject to a great deal of criticism, often without justification. One prejudice is the lack of nutrients such as quality protein and the consequent inability to build vegan muscles. However, these days an increasing number of success stories and research studies are underway a

Sleepwalk: Live in the dream : Stephen Renwick

Sleepwalk : Stephen RenwickStraddling both sides of the foul-line—over-educated psychologist on one side and hyper-competitive, fear-driven obsessive on the other — Stephen Renwick is an eminently qualified therapist. He will not only guide you on how to screw up your life, but more importantly, he will show you why.

His latest gem—SLEEPWALK™—Live in the Dream—provides a detailed roadmap to multi-faceted personal ruin via clear steps, real-world testimony, hot tips, and inspira

A Love Attempt : Morhaf Al Achkar

A Love Attempt : Morhaf Al AchkarDeveloping your emotional intelligence? Learn easy and practical techniques to cultivate your love competence…

◆ Everyone wants love. We’re so desperate for it that we are frequently willing to take any deformed shape of it. But what if we can bring in the idea in a developed

Boundless : Lori Lambert Williams

Boundless : Lori Lambert WilliamsBoundless: Your How-To Guide to Practical Remote Viewing — Phase One is the first in a series of easy-learning manuals; each one designed to take you through an exciting odyssey into the far reaches of time and space via the best of all vehicles: the subconscious mind.

Join author Lori Williams as she shares her own journey from missionary and social worker to professional Remote Viewer, and discover how easily you, too, can use your innate abilities to

Screenwriting for Storytellers : S.D. Moore

Screenwriting for Storytellers : S.D. MooreAre you a writer who wants to learn screenwriting? Author and Screenwriter S.D. Moore developed a simple process to show storytellers how to turn a story into a script.

The book delivers lessons in basic screenplay structure plus, bonus features like quizzes, writer&

Occupational Therapy: Mental Conditions : Joseph Douglas

Occupational Therapy : Joseph DouglasAbout one in ten people globally suffer from a mental disorder… keep reading to find out how to treat them!

Whether it’s personally, from a loved one or just from someone you know, early signs of a mental disorder are often overlooked and brushed under the carpet.

Usually, it’s because an outsider will only think “that was a bit strange” or “that was unusual” or “I wonder what was going through thei

Breaking the Bottle Legacy : Molly Watts

Breaking the Bottle Legacy : Molly WattsIn the spirit of This Naked Mind and Drink? The New Science of Alcohol and Your Health, Breaking the Bottle Legacy simplifies the science of alcohol and neuroscience to teach you how to break “unbreakable” drinking habits.

No ultimatums. No preaching. Discover your brain’s power to change and drink less.

Are you tired of worrying about alcohol but not sure you’ll never drink ag

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