Her Untamed Soul : Mandira Mazumder

Her Untamed Soul : Mandira MazumderHer Untamed Soul is the story of Latha’s search for love and freedom from fear. Her romance begins with Kiyash, her college mate, who offers his unconditional friendship to her. Latha breaks free of the taboos imposed on her since childhood when she discovers Kiyash’s deeper feelings for her. Their college romance begins as an adventure and ends up in soul connection.

Their affair gets intense when Latha’s secret family agent sp

When Only Happily Ever After Will Do : Ceil Warren

When Only Happily Ever After Will Do : Ceil WarrenIt took Arthur 40 years to propose marriage. Now, Constance is expecting the wedding of her dreams. But when villagers spot a suspicious tartan-clad stranger in the middle of the night lurking at her son’s grave, in front of her bookshop and Arthur’s house, she must confront a secret past.

Her lifelong friends in the Connecticut village of Stones End wrap Constance in a protective cocoon. They see a differe

Staying Afloat : Judith Marshall

Staying Afloat : Judith MarshallSet in Santa Rosa, California, Staying Afloat chronicles three months in the life of forty-three-year-old Crystal Scott, a devoted stay-at-home wife and mother.

Enveloped in the affection of her family—parents, Max and Elizabeth whose marriage is as sound and sturdy as they are and older sister Brooke, an organic farmer who is resolutely single and would rather

Winter Grows on Paris : Amit Kumar

Winter Grows on Paris : Amit KumarWinter Grows on Paris is a curated collection of poetry by Amit Kumar, a Max Planck fellow and a critically acclaimed poet, essayist and researcher.

These select poems soulfully deconstruct the curious interplay between love, self and silence as much as they are about journeys, people and places.

In rhymes and blank verses, these poems weave stories by delving deep into and caressing gently the myriad human emotions &#82

Cold Heart in Eden : Linda Laforge

Cold Heart in Eden : Linda LaforgeCold Heart in Eden – a delicious human-interest tale. Laced with desire, intrigue and murder, with a smattering of the esoteric. A modern-day Agatha Christie-esque read, set in a secret hotel in a far-off frozen land–where good people do naughty things!

A compelling tale of love, erotic fantasy and betrayal.

A sizzling read which weaves a treacherous tale, culminating in murder.

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House Made of Rivers : Sasha Middleton

House Made of Rivers : Sasha MiddletonRecovery is never an easy road. Even less so when you’re a famous model known for being dangerously underweight and the media buzzards don’t realize that your bones have already been picked clean.

Kai Riviere just wants a bit of solitude, a place to rest, a place to heal. Wolf Melua has been captivated by Kai Riviere since he first

Limitations : Aimee J Edwards

Limitations : Aimee J EdwardsHarry and Lilly were only very young when their worlds were torn apart—but wasn’t everyone’s on September 11th, 2001?

Together they embark on an incredible journey of self-discovery, but will they ever have a normal life, are they strong enough to overcome everything or will they always be plagued by the demons that riddle their past?

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Tow Away Zone : Chris Towndrow

Tow Away Zone : Chris TowndrowWhen a travelling salesman finds a town that’s not on the map, he must choose between romance and a long-held promise of untold riches.

Beckman Spiers is a grey man in a grey world—and he’s happy with that.

After 12 years of routine and grind, he’s again fighting to become Number One Salesman of the Year. Legend has it, Number Ones get so rich, they never work again. With a week to go, Beckman is gaining on his nemesis, smooth-talking Tyler Quittle.<

Trent’s Redemption : Bailey Thomas

Trent's Redemption : Bailey ThomasTrent Jacobs had everything he wanted in life until the flash of a muzzle ripped his world apart. Now he only has guilt.

Permanently removed from fieldwork due to questionable events, Trent retires from the FBI. He retreats to the small town of Mill Creek, Idaho, to become the town sheriff.

Margaret King knows what i

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