Mama I Love You : Mona Liza Santos

Mama I Love You : Mona Liza SantosMamas are a special breed. They give us love; they listen to our needs. Mamas bring us laughter and joy. They give us kisses; they play with our toys. Mamas tell us when we need to behave. They teach us to be strong, they show us the way. We are grateful for Mamas near and far, and we want to show them just how special they are. Out of all the Mamas in the whole world, this is true–you’re the best

Winter Grows on Paris : Amit Kumar

Winter Grows on Paris : Amit KumarWinter Grows on Paris is a curated collection of poetry by Amit Kumar, a Max Planck fellow and a critically acclaimed poet, essayist and researcher.

These select poems soulfully deconstruct the curious interplay between love, self and silence as much as they are about journeys, people and places.

In rhymes and blank verses, these poems weave stories by delving deep into and caressing gently the myriad human emotions &#82

The Journey to Source : Maria Kitsios

The Journey to Source : Maria KitsiosMay the poetry in this book serve as a reminder that we are visitors here.

One day each of us will let go of everything and everyone we love.

It is this powerful and humbling truth which makes us truly appreciate life.

Let us use this life as the grandest opportunity
to explore, strengthen, heal, grow, love, give, create,
and courageously forge ahead in service to others.

Heart first always in connection to

Song of Seasons : Preethi Saravanakumar

Song of Seasons : Preethi SaravanakumarSong of Seasons is a simple rhyming picture book. It playfully talks about Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

Children will enjoy the fun picture book with colorful illustrations. Children will learn the four seasons, the characteristics, colors and emotions associated with each season. They will learn to appreciate the seasons’ cycle.

Tuttie Brown’s Happy Day : Jessica Mercado

Tuttie Brown's Happy Day : Jessica MercadoMy name is Tuttie Brown, and I’m a 1st grader in a new school and new town. Today was a scary day. I didn’t know anyone and would I have anyone to play with? This day wasn’t so scary after all it turned out to be a Happy Day. Today was the day that I learned that words matter and that I mattered. Today was a very happy day for me. Let me tell you what happened that day to me…

Tuttie Brown’s Happy Day is a beautifully

Poetry and Other Poisons : Léopold Figaro

Poetry and Other Poisons : Leopold FigaroPoetry and Other Poisons explores how love and passion can be so tempting yet so obsessively poisonous at the same time. These feelings drop in on you unexpectedly and stay without asking for permission. That’s when Art becomes the only salvation and hope. That’s when words are used to reach the depths of existence.

A Year in Haiku : Tiffany Richardson

A Year in Haiku : Tiffany RichardsonA Year in Haiku is a collection of 365 haikus dedicated to love, to heartbreak, to life….and everything in between.

The collection features haikus in their traditional form of 5-7-5 syllable format. Set up in a haiku a day calendar format, readers can read one poem per day or read it through like a traditional poetry collection.

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