Truthing The Fake News : Robert Houseman

Truthing The Fake News : Robert HousemanTruthing The Fake News: Learn How To Extract The Truth From Fake News In One Day

Reading this book will increase your understanding of the people who fuel these fake news stories and the reasons behind them doing so.

Have you ever stopped and thought what rewards all that effort reaps? Some of these stories have been filtered through so many layers of deception that it can take investigators years to trace

The Pickwick Club Disaster : John E. Keefe

The Pickwick Club Disaster : John E. KeefeThe Pickwick Club Disaster: Boston’s Deadliest Building Collapse

The temperature outside still hovered at a balmy seventy degrees, but inside the crowded, smoke-filled, second floor speakeasy, it was a different story. Several people would later remember the room being decidedly hot and stuffy.

The five-piece orchestra ha

Surviving Toxic In-Laws : Miriam Davids

Surviving Toxic In-Laws : Miriam DavidsSurviving Toxic In-Laws : The Big Bullies

Ever wonder why most people around the world don’t get along with their in-laws? Is it all about the adage that has been in existence for ages – “When you marry someone, you do not marry the individual. Instead, you marry the person’s entire family”? If so, should this give some in-laws the right to be cruel and nasty to new members of the family?

This book introduces readers to simple w

We Never Lost Hope : Naomi Litvin

We Never Lost Hope : Naomi LitvinWe Never Lost Hope: A Holocaust Memoir and Love Story

Five relatives narrate their harrowing World War II experiences in this family chronicle.

It could be said that rather than writing this affecting and effective book, Litvin sculpted it. Her breezy but vital narrative provides the shape and overa