The Land of Ampersand : Cynthia Correll

The Land of Ampersand : Cynthia CorrellFor curious minds of all ages, this refreshing book delivers an interactive experience with 60 original and playful full-color art images, a self-guided tour, and a creative exercise.

Eager for an enchanting respite or instant escape from daily life? Leave your wor

OOF: An Online Outrage Fiesta for the Ages : Strobe Witherspoon

OOF : Strobe Witherspoon“Wildly entertaining …Sometimes sad and sometimes hilarious, Witherspoon’s timely metafictional novel explores the ways (mis)information can shape public discourse in the digital media age.” – Booklife by Publishers Weekly

”Strikingly original …an innovative literary experiment that supplies a thoughtful commentary on the ‘discourse virus’ of our age …Witherspoon tackles a broad spectrum of media, including comically scathing excerpts from tweets, p

Tow Away Zone : Chris Towndrow

Tow Away Zone : Chris TowndrowWhen a travelling salesman finds a town that’s not on the map, he must choose between romance and a long-held promise of untold riches.

Beckman Spiers is a grey man in a grey world—and he’s happy with that.

After 12 years of routine and grind, he’s again fighting to become Number One Salesman of the Year. Legend has it, Number Ones get so rich, they never work again. With a week to go, Beckman is gaining on his nemesis, smooth-talking Tyler Quittle.<

Bell Hammers : Lancelot Schaubert

Bell Hammers : Lancelot Schaubert“Schaubert recounts a mischievous man’s eight decades in Illinois’s Little Egypt region in his picaresque debut. Remmy’s life of constant schemes and pranks and a lifelong feud with classmate Jim Johnstone and the local oil drilling company proves consequential. This is a hoot.”
– Publisher’s Weekly

🏆 finalist for Glim

Something Different : Steve Jones

Something Different : Steve JonesLife seemed so predictable; marriage, mortgage, steady job, and a pension, but then it all changed and suddenly it wasn’t predictable anymore.

After my world had been turned upside down I travelled to Thailand hoping to be rejuvenated under the tropical sun but instead, I found something different.

After a chance encounter with a mys

The AlphaPug Book : Stacey Shearer

The AlphaPug Book : Stacey ShearerPugs are unique dogs and there are so many words to describe them.

Every letter of the alphabet can highlight a trait about them.

The AlphaPug Book is a fun, light-hearted alphabet adventure that celebrates our furry companions!

Book Links
<a href="https://shearer

Greetings, Planet Earth! : Steve R. Heiman

Greetings, Planet Earth! : Steve R. HeimanWhen a misfit trash collector is chosen by aliens to represent Earth, one wrong move can lead to Galactic War. Or, even worse…the end of chocolate!

Jack Gripper loves playing pranks and eating pizza. But when he’s tasked with selecting an alien species to mentor Earth for the next one hundred years, he’d better make the right call or the Earth is doomed!

Can he overcome obstacles and diabolical plots to pick the righ

Dakota and the American Dream : Sameer Garach

Dakota and the American Dream : Sameer GarachWhat happens when a child comes face-to-face with Corporate America?

Ten-year-old Dakota dreams about seeing the city from above, atop a skyscraper. An unsuspecting job candidate, the boy lands a position at a company within the building, but his journey is anything but a simple elevator ride to t

Toxic Beer : Simon Bullock

Toxic Beer : Simon BullockUnemployed computer engineer Sidney Ramsbottom inherits a small fortune from his late father’s business investments after he is found dead floating face down in a large vat of beer accompanied by two scantily dressed polish pole dancers and their three-performing sheep Brittany, Lulu and Michaela.

Before Sid has chance to enjoy this unexpected windfall, he is abducted by a group of alcoholic aliens who are on the run from the intergalactic police in a stolen spaceship.

Gracie & Zeus Live The Dream : Elizabeth Roderick

Gracie & Zeus Live The Dream : Elizabeth RoderickGrace Morgan has been on the music scene long enough to know the life of sex, drugs & rock & roll is just a dream. But after a messy divorce, Grace wants to give her dream of being a music journalist one last shot.

She moves to LA with her 21-year-old foster son, Zeus. They live in a motel on cup noodles and hope, until Grace finally gets a break: a story about Inez Carter, hot-mess frontwoman of the popular band K

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