The Soldier and Other Stories : Lindsay Cabot

The Soldier and Other Stories : Lindsay CabotThe Soldier and other Stories is a collection of 13 short stories. They were inspired by my love of obscure history, politics, science, dogs and Salford, the City of my birth. It is a place unlike anywhere else, a hive of crime, villainy, dignity, honor, and unbreakable spirit. I hope you enjoy them.

Rage is a superpower (Piccadilly Gardens, Manchester. Next year)
Homeless. Penniless. Forgotten. A man who lost his way finds

Lings : Atticus Andrews

Lings : Atticus AndrewsThey came. The ravagers of the universe. The scourge of star systems. The enemy of his race.

They decimated all that he knew, slaughtering his colony like a herd of insects. Carrying their metal guns and tactical missiles, the marines butchered his siblings by the thousandfold. For that, they would pay.

Krill is the last of his kind in a distant corner of the galaxy. Entrusted with the survival of his species, Kri

Mountain Of Fangs : Carlo Hart

Mountain Of Fangs : Carlo HartA brimming sense of despair. A hotbed of horrific beasts. Who will survive the hellstorm?

Frazier Mountain, California. Kevin Murphy can’t seem to catch a break. Fleeing to an imposing pine-forested peak after a series of Hollywood fiascos, the beaten-down writer fears the gorgeous woman on his arm won’t stick around if he doesn’t find success soon. But their idyllic cabin in the woods becomes a house of horrors when he discovers the area is secre

Sister Lost : Brenda Lyne

Sister Lost : Brenda LyneInspired by a true story, Sister Lost follows Minneapolis single mother Lexie Novak as she and her four-year-old daughter, Ava, build their new life after living under the thumb of Lexie’s manipulative and emotionally distant mother.

As soon as Lexie and Ava move in to their new house on Washburn Avenue, t

Prey for Dawn : Christopher Michael Blake

Prey for Dawn : Christopher Michael BlakeWalnford Plantation is a place haunted in history, forgotten in the annals of time, and abandoned since the atrocities committed there during the civil war. But the horrors occurring at Walnford Plantation have just begun as a private detective searches for a woman’s missing sister and husband.

A cheating wife plots to kill her husband. Three Nomad gang members chase two men searching for lost confederate gold. In one night, these people wil

Darkness Wakes (Horror Anthology) : Todd Cinani

Darkness Wakes : Todd CinaniSometimes it’s best not to explore the road less taken. Darkness Wakes is an anthology written by eight authors. Each story explores what can happen when someone stumbles upon and wakes an old or ancient evil.

A blend of cosmic and traditional horror.

In the last days of WWI

Grandma’s Town : William Schumpert

Grandma’s Town : William SchumpertThe Grandmother she loved was not the Grandmother she knew. Soon Heather and her newly wedded husband Jason will be moving to the town where her Grandmother lived. Tattertown was such a nice community. With the nicest people. Almost too good to be true…

Newlyweds Jason and Heather move to the small town of Tattertown, with a new job opportunity for Jason and fond memories from Heather. The memories she shared of her dear Grandmother in that tow

A Message from Boo : R.G. Johansen

A Message from Boo : R.G. JohansenDo you think you can be scared to death? Detective John Williams with the Atlanta Homicide Department was a nonbeliever until his logical explanations gave way to something unfounded, to something unnatural and sinister. He has been charged with solving a series of murders in Georgia’s capital city that will take him on a frightening jour

The Pit : Andrew Fordham

The Pit : Andrew FordhamThis English ghost story has it all ~ mystery, thrills and history.

Working on the carpark at the edge of a Norfolk village, Tim the local builder discovers a stone slab concealing the entrance to a pit.

Evidence of a long forgotten and shameful event from the village past is revealed, as strange happenings and visitations start to haunt the locals.

Only in the darkness of the pit can an answer be found.

If you like the work of M.R. James and James Herbert, then you will

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