Shared Sorrows : Vincent Panettiere

Shared Sorrows : Vincent PanettiereFrank DioGuardia, a New Jersey college professor, always feared the onset of autumn.

A chill in the air and rainy skies took him back to the day his father died decades ago. It was a memory that each year caused Frank to start counting the days until he reached the milestone of havi

Assassin’s Mace: Origin : Robert Albers

Assassin's Mace: Origin : Robert AlbersThe world was not prepared for the changes that would come when a deadly virus spread and affected every aspect of life as it was known.

As the virus ravaged the world and governments cracked down on their citizenry, social and political unrest created chaos.

We’ve all been living through it and it still continues today. Where did the virus come from and how did it spread so quickly?

Zhao, a Chinese industrialist of immense

Fog Banks In Time : Michael E. Davis

Fog Banks In Time : Michael E. DavisWe can only know what we access through our senses of sight, smell, taste, and touch. But, there exists another dimension where only a few people go and experience the sixth sense.

Fog Banks explores the world of magic that Yeats speaks about.

“The world is full of magic things, pati

The Philanthropist : Roland Lewinsky

The Philanthropist : Roland LewinskyHead of the family Steve Bird is an entrepreneur, hotel chain owner and philanthropist. Wife Clara is a housewife, raising two children. The family lives the normal life of wealthy people in New York.

One day Steve Bird gets an offer from the Presidential staff to join one political party and tells his wife about it.

Clara is very excited about such good news, because she is tired of sitting at home and sees the opportunity to broaden he

Dream Trail : Thomas J. Prestopnik

Dream Trail : Thomas J. PrestopnikEric Travers never imagined taking a three-week hiking trip through the wilderness. At twenty-seven, and several months after an unexpected breakup with his girlfriend, he was comfortably cocooned in his desk job at the Crandall Insurance Agency in Binghamton, NY, biding his time, yearning for spring and waiting for his life to blossom once again.

Then the weird dreams started. Images of lush, tree-covered mountains, ghostly apparitions and shamrocks inscribed

Fit For Purpose: Acceptance : Briony Beattie

Fit For Purpose: Acceptance : Briony BeattieWhat if your life changed in an instant?
What if you lost the only family you ever knew?
What if you lost that sense of belonging and everything you existed for, came crashing down in an instant?
What if you lost a physical and mental part of you to the

Re-Elect the President : Michael J. Walsh

Re-Elect the President : Michael J. WalshMichael Sullivan, elected president in 2016, after four years in office, has erased much of the damage done to the country by the Obama Administration, yet sees great danger in the rise of a growing socialist movement within the Democratic Party. The elitist left has taken over the party in California, Oreg

Inseparable: An Erotic Tale Of An African American Bisexual Couple : W. Dorsett Headen

Inseparable : W. Dorsett HeadenOn the surface, Derrick Hill is a successful, hardworking soul artist running his own record label with his business partner-his sexy wife Donicia. However, behind closed doors, the couple are sexually adventurous bisexual swingers.

Their wild, debaucherous lifestyle takes a turn when they fall in love with another married couple; Julian and Renee’ Domingo. Hot, unchained lust leads them down a path of raw eroticism and melodrama.

In the end, they ha

Something Different : Steve Jones

Something Different : Steve JonesLife seemed so predictable; marriage, mortgage, steady job, and a pension, but then it all changed and suddenly it wasn’t predictable anymore.

After my world had been turned upside down I travelled to Thailand hoping to be rejuvenated under the tropical sun but instead, I found something different.

After a chance encounter with a mys

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