Prison Sissy Locked In, Turned Out : Lottie Madison

Prison Sissy Locked In, Turned Out : Lottie MadisonShiver at the delicious thrills and spills of Emma’s life as a prison sissy wife in a high-security men’s prison, servicing inmates and guards of different races as she struggles to survive till her release date.

Meanwhile, live the fear, pain, humiliation, and ultimate submission of Michael as he is made to accept his fate and bend to the will of the alpha inmates, to become their sissy plaything. Convicted of

Cold Heart in Eden : Linda Laforge

Cold Heart in Eden : Linda LaforgeCold Heart in Eden – a delicious human-interest tale. Laced with desire, intrigue and murder, with a smattering of the esoteric. A modern-day Agatha Christie-esque read, set in a secret hotel in a far-off frozen land–where good people do naughty things!

A compelling tale of love, erotic fantasy and betrayal.

A sizzling read which weaves a treacherous tale, culminating in murder.

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House Made of Rivers : Sasha Middleton

House Made of Rivers : Sasha MiddletonRecovery is never an easy road. Even less so when you’re a famous model known for being dangerously underweight and the media buzzards don’t realize that your bones have already been picked clean.

Kai Riviere just wants a bit of solitude, a place to rest, a place to heal. Wolf Melua has been captivated by Kai Riviere since he first

Inseparable: An Erotic Tale Of An African American Bisexual Couple : W. Dorsett Headen

Inseparable : W. Dorsett HeadenOn the surface, Derrick Hill is a successful, hardworking soul artist running his own record label with his business partner-his sexy wife Donicia. However, behind closed doors, the couple are sexually adventurous bisexual swingers.

Their wild, debaucherous lifestyle takes a turn when they fall in love with another married couple; Julian and Renee’ Domingo. Hot, unchained lust leads them down a path of raw eroticism and melodrama.

In the end, they ha

The Widower and the Teen : T.C. Jaymes

The Widower and the Teen : T.C. JaymesThe Widower and the Teen is the erotic love story between an inexperienced eighteen-year-old girl and a forty-two-year-old widower. The two shouldn’t be together, but after making bad choices and following their hearts, they could end up happier than if they’d done everything right.

After Jason Jay loses his wife to cancer, he sleepwalks through life, only working and taking care of his teenage son, until one of his son’s friends, Jessica

Light of the Lord’s Lesbian : Lawrence David Niren

Light Of The Lord's Lesbian : Lawrence David NirenThe story of a magnificent beautiful lesbian, Christmas, her wife Calina, and their dog Juvia, who is an angel, that are God’s messengers, who the Lord has favored and chosen, like Moses, to lead all oppressed people of the world, out of bondage and suffering, and onto freedom, and to receive God’s Laws, throughout the ages, in hundreds of centuries, and in many dimension

Perfect Fiancée : Entropy

Perfect Fiancée : EntropyDespite being the Perfect Girlfriend, buxom blonde Justine never could make any of her relationships last more than a month. That is until she finds out about Mickey’s sexfighting fantasies and decides to fulfill them.

She starts facing other women in sexual contests where she has to give her opponent an orgasm while avoiding succumbing to her own arousal. But Mickey’s fantasy soon becomes hers as she gets sucked deeper and deeper into the sexfighting universe

The Kazandra Appearance : Lawrence David Niren

The Kazandra Appearance : Lawrence David NirenThe author Lawrence David Niren’s latest novel The Kazandra Appearance, is a powerful story of a mission that God sends a beautiful extraordinary woman Kazandra, together with God’s most perfect and oldest angel Juvia, along with God’s newest angel Fishfin, on, to save, protect, and liberate lesbians, bisexual women, transgenders, transsexuals, women who commit adultery, and women who have sex before marriage, aga

Vuel: Gang Fighters : Kregt Cadizan

Vuel: Gang Fighters : Kregt CadizanIn VUEL, the spectacle of the gang fight fills stadias. Vuelans come to see the violence. There’s no pretense of moving a ball toward a goal. Players attack each other with the purpose of disabling their opponent, Gang Fighters tells the stories of these vuelans before they met our familiar Earth humans.

An aspiring vuelessa serves a young gang fighter as they s

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