Stairway to Heaven : Lois Tiller

Stairway to Heaven : Lois TillerStairway to Heaven

With ripped from the headlines intensity, Stairway to Heaven conjures the world of horse racing like you’ve never experienced it before. Gripping racing sequences, fantastical imagery, and strong characters create a powerful narrative about love and loss.

Approaching horse racing with the same heightened sense of magic that Field of Dreams applied to baseball, Tiller’s story centers on a father-daughter relation

Legacy: A Regency Saga : Linda I. Govik

Legacy: A Regency Saga : Linda I. GovikLegacy: A Regency Saga

The year is 1806. Emily Bradley has just taken her step to independence by starting to paint portraits on commission. Unbeknownst to her, her first customer is linked to the man she fears the most—Lord Charles Stanford, who once violated her and left her pregnant. Emily is hurled into a series of events over which she has no control, as Lord Charles is made aware of her current whereabouts and returns to her life, intent