Wild Thing : Ella Anderson

Wild Thing : Ella AndersonThis true story is written through a sister’s eyes and heart as she embarks on a journey to seek answers to her younger brother Robby’s sudden death. She tries to make sense of her brother’s life and death by tracing his final days and contemplating the life Robby chose. She wants closure but when she uncovers the torment of his last days, she realizes, closure is not something everyone gets.

Robby’s tragic life is full of twists and turns and presents th

Clere’s Restaurant : Pamela Ackerson

Clere's Restaurant : Pamela AckersonWho knows what will happen next at Clere’s Restaurant!

Sunday at 7
Jason Donovan has a secret. Secrets, lies, affairs, and deceit are served with a smile at Clere’s Restaurant…

With a Side of Love<

Clear Our Names : Cameron Madison

Clear Our Names : Cameron MadisonA young Black man’s father is killed by the police while a white woman is dealing with the trauma of being raped six years ago today.

Colton Vax and Amber Silvers come together on the worst day of their lives. It is discovered that four white women were brutally raped and murdere

What is my Fate? : Samkelo Bodwana

What is my Fate? : Samkelo BodwanaThis book teaches about human society and the way people live. Aminta was raised by poor parents, but Amanda and Lisa grew up in a warm home. There was something different between them.

Aminta always puts her life first, Lisa did not like Amanda that much. Because she had Cancer. But she had to face her future,

No one can live alone, We need friends and relatives, to guide us, strengthen us when we feel weak.

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