Bearsy and Buddies Bake Cookies : Faez Morad

Bearsy and Buddies Bake Cookies : Faez MoradBearsy is a happy-go-lucky bear who lives in the Beegly forest. He likes hanging out with his best buddies, Sulleo the lion and Koliya the koala. They are always looking to have fun. Sometimes, problems arise while having fun. Bearsy and his buddies know th

Shared Sorrows : Vincent Panettiere

Shared Sorrows : Vincent PanettiereFrank DioGuardia, a New Jersey college professor, always feared the onset of autumn.

A chill in the air and rainy skies took him back to the day his father died decades ago. It was a memory that each year caused Frank to start counting the days until he reached the milestone of havi

Assassin’s Mace: Origin : Robert Albers

Assassin's Mace: Origin : Robert AlbersThe world was not prepared for the changes that would come when a deadly virus spread and affected every aspect of life as it was known.

As the virus ravaged the world and governments cracked down on their citizenry, social and political unrest created chaos.

We’ve all been living through it and it still continues today. Where did the virus come from and how did it spread so quickly?

Zhao, a Chinese industrialist of immense

The Land of Ampersand : Cynthia Correll

The Land of Ampersand : Cynthia CorrellFor curious minds of all ages, this refreshing book delivers an interactive experience with 60 original and playful full-color art images, a self-guided tour, and a creative exercise.

Eager for an enchanting respite or instant escape from daily life? Leave your wor

The Good & The Evil : Lawrence David Niren

The Good & The Evil : Lawrence David NirenThe Good & The Evil is the latest novel of the author Lawrence David Niren, published in late November 2020, that is a gripping and devastating depiction of the 2020 election between the wonderful, good, and honest Christian Vice President Joe Biden, who has a deep belief, faith, and love of the Lord, with his Vice President candidate, the wonderful Senator, Kamala Harris, and the racist, rapist

The Greatest Noel: A Christmas Fantasy of That Night of Nights : Raven Easton

The Greatest Noel : Raven EastonSandar the Builder from Nazareth rescues Joseph and Mary in their hour of need and accompanies them to Bethlehem on that first Christmas, in a novel full of adventure, miracles, romance, and profound personal revelation.

Readers are loving the human portrayals of the Bible characters—and the surprise miracle twist at the end.

“Incredible! [A]n all-absorbing Christmas story” – Amazon reader

” . . . a fascinating retelling of when J

Her Untamed Soul : Mandira Mazumder

Her Untamed Soul : Mandira MazumderHer Untamed Soul is the story of Latha’s search for love and freedom from fear. Her romance begins with Kiyash, her college mate, who offers his unconditional friendship to her. Latha breaks free of the taboos imposed on her since childhood when she discovers Kiyash’s deeper feelings for her. Their college romance begins as an adventure and ends up in soul connection.

Their affair gets intense when Latha’s secret family agent sp

The Friendly Bookshelf : Caroline and Katherine Brickley

The Friendly Bookshelf : Caroline and Katherine BrickleyMeet Bibli, a brave little library bookshelf in search of a story about someone like him . . .

Once upon a time, in a library like any other, there lived a little bookshelf named Bibli who carried a BIG question on his shelves: “Could there be a story somewhere about a bookshelf like me?”

Bibli is

The Soldier and Other Stories : Lindsay Cabot

The Soldier and Other Stories : Lindsay CabotThe Soldier and other Stories is a collection of 13 short stories. They were inspired by my love of obscure history, politics, science, dogs and Salford, the City of my birth. It is a place unlike anywhere else, a hive of crime, villainy, dignity, honor, and unbreakable spirit. I hope you enjoy them.

Rage is a superpower (Piccadilly Gardens, Manchester. Next year)
Homeless. Penniless. Forgotten. A man who lost his way finds

The Stone Messiah Vol I : Anonymous IV

The Stone Messiah Vol I : Anonymous IVIf you lived in a world…
where your civilisation could be annihilated; every person you held dear murdered, mutilated or sold into slavery; in unremitting danger and unendurable oppression –
YOU would need a messiah…

Africa 2000 BC
An unimaginably cruel and dangerous world,
Genocidal war between two civilisations…

Circa 2300 BC – seafarers of Sumerian origin settle south of the Rovuma in East Africa, e

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