The Fountain of Youth: Stories from the Free City, Book 1 : Nathaniel Warner

The Fountain of Youth : Nathaniel WarnerStories from the Free City, Book 1

When Jack enlisted in the United States Marine Corps after the devastating attack on Pearl Harbor in December 1941, he expected adventure and danger. He expected to see new and terrible things. And, he expected to be in the company of those he could trust and those who would help see him safely through. But he never expected the love of his life would be by his side. Or that they would be marooned o

Vuel: Gang Fighters : Kregt Cadizan

Vuel: Gang Fighters : Kregt CadizanIn VUEL, the spectacle of the gang fight fills stadias. Vuelans come to see the violence. There’s no pretense of moving a ball toward a goal. Players attack each other with the purpose of disabling their opponent, Gang Fighters tells the stories of these vuelans before they met our familiar Earth humans.

An aspiring vuelessa serves a young gang fighter as they s

The Lex Talionis of Brett Kavanaugh : Lawrence David Niren

The Lex Talionis Of Brett Kavanaugh : Lawrence David NirenDid Brett Kavanaugh rape a girl of 16 named Fiona many years ago, and the only reason why she has never come forward to accuse him, is because she is dead?

Did Brett Kavanaugh attempt to rape Dr. Christine Blasey Ford when she was 15 years old?

Did Brett Kavanaugh perjure himself to not only the Senate and to the world, but to God, when he swore to God u

Roads to Meaning and Resilience with Cancer : Morhaf Al Achkar

Roads to Meaning and Resilience with Cancer : Morhaf Al AchkarThe book tells the stories of 39 patients with incurable lung cancer. It aims to help patients, families, and healthcare providers understand the experience of living with cancer. It also invites reflections on the essential questions of meaning, resilience, and coping with adversity in life.

The author is a family doctor, teacher, and researcher who is also a stage IV lung cancer patient himself. He is patient number 4

Steeled Toes and Cowboy Boots : Heylia-Dru Yarbrough

Steeled Toes and Cowboy Boots : Heylia-Dru YarbroughEx-bull rider turned rancher Jaffery Dufrey has never hidden the fact he comes from a long line of outlaws and lawmen. But the thing he’s most proud of is being part of a dying breed – the African-American cowboy. His focus is on Sweet Briar, a working cattle ranch that has been in the Dufrey family for generations, and Sanctuary, the forty-five acres of Sweet Briar land dedicated to providing a haven for at-risk youths.


The Ecstasy : Lawrence David Niren

The Ecstasy : Lawrence David NirenApparently the document had been placed in a box at the Cathedral Nuestra Senora Del Loreto in Mendoza, Argentina, without anyone noticing its appearance until the evening came and the priest was closing the doors for the night, and he happened to see that a huge book-like document, that seemed to be extremely important looking, was inside, with the document having no envelope covering it.

The priest glanced around the church to see if there wer

Creeples! : Patrick D. Pidgeon

Creeples! : Patrick D. PidgeonLet’s just come right out and say it . . . stranger things do happen at Aberdasher Academy of Science.

We’re talking weird science, with fantastical consequences such as slithering colossal Mongolian Death Worm, clashing medieval Bog People, ambushing Ayia Sea monster, and a ravaging mythical beast, just to name a few!

Desperate to raise funds to save their favorite teacher’s Genomic department from closing, thirteen-year-old Johnny “Spigs” Spignola, Theres

Tragic Death in the White House : Anthony Wallace

Tragic Death in the White House : Anthony WallaceA professional assassin manages to kill the President of the U.S.A. in the White House and get away unnoticed, but no one believes him.

The death has been declared an accident and his paycheck may not even come at all. He tries to reveal the truth and win the promised bounty.

And while the Vice President is trying to hide the truth from the public in ord