21 Fun Fiascos : Aaron Williams

21 Fun Fiascos : Aaron WilliamsMarvin is a twenty year old college student who desperately needs a change. His only two passions are watching cooking shows and killing zombies in VR. After watching hundreds of hours of cooking shows, Marvin believes he’s a chef. Since he

The Long, Slow Summer Sun : Proval Volk

The Long, Slow Summer Sun : Proval VolkProval Volk.

Quirky, quizzical, and always restless, wandering, and wondering.

Find a comfortable chair and your favorite robe, and explore the mind of Volk in this collection of poems, fictional stories, essays, sayings, and journal entries.  Discover his thoughts on men and manhood, the depth of the beauty of a woman, and the endless drama that can be found in the most mundane tasks and pla

The Corporate Warrior : James Farwell

The Corporate Warrior : James FarwellYou make critical strategic and leadership decisions in real-time. You need clear, concise, timely information to meet goals, improve performance, and increase profitability. With threats, technology, and competition changing the game at cyber-speed you, as a corporate leader and strategist, are constantly faced with life-or-death business challenges.

Leading international military strategists who have l

The Problem Solver : Steve Pyne

The Problem Solver : Steve PyneWhen a resident of a member only community goes missing, it’s
the freewheeling, live in the moment, sexually ambivalent Dakota Gaits, the founder’s
protégé, who heads the search.

Forced to join her, is ex mafia man Frankie Tecano, a

Kaleidoscopic Shades : Dave Neuman

Kaleidoscopic Shades : Dave NeumanKaleidoscopic Shades – Within Black Eternity is a sci fi/paranormal/ thriller horror… and maybe it’s more one thing than the other. In the words of the Bram Stoker Award nominee, Monique Synman ‘it’s for thos

HEIMAT : Paul Marzell

HEIMAT : Paul MarzellHeimat is an epic story of emigrants leaving post-WWI
Germany in 1929 for America, intending to return someday to Neisse, their
Heimat, as successful American citizens. Before leaving Germany, one emigrant’s
plan began unraveling in Berlin’s Bahnhof, where he saved the life of an

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