A Ball’s Game: Baseball : Stefan Mathis

A Ball's Game: Baseball : Stefan MathisA Ball’s Game: Baseball

This is the story of a baseball that comes to life at a major league stadium. Bennie the Talking Ball explains the game of baseball from his point of view. From the first pitch to the last out of the game Bennie shares fun baseball facts. And there’s a post game Rock and Roll concert that may add to the laughter and hijinks of the story.</p


Time, for a change : Adam Eccles

Time, for a change : Adam EcclesTime, for a change

Terry Ward is a lonely, sarcastic, and utterly burnt-out IT project manager. He’s in a dead-end rut with his job and his life. Sound familiar? Time for a change.

When clearing out his late-father’s workshop in the wild west of Co. Clare, Ireland, he finds a box full of mysteries. It leads him on a nostalgic voyage of discovery through his long forgotten past.

Can a journey through the past help him wit

Fascinate : Simon Warwick Beresford

Fascinate : Simon Warwick BeresfordFascinate: Twisted Poems For The Depraved

A compilation of poems that I wrote between the ages of 17 and 37. Includes themes of erotic horror, regular horror, sci-fi, Paganism, humour, lust both requited and otherwise, fantasy and the surreal…

My poems tend to be old fashioned in structure, for example most rhyme but modern in theme. Some have said I’m like Dr. Seuss for Adults.

Anyway if you are so wond

The Little Dinosaur : Samantha Ball

The Little Dinosaur : Samantha BallThe Little Dinosaur

A fun rhyming story for children about The Little Dinosaur, who becomes lost searching for his warm and cosy nest. An adventure full of discovery, fun and friendship.

‘Crack, Crack, Crack. A nest is full of eggs and one of them is hatching. It cracked and cracked and cracked, what could it be that’s scratching?’





Time’s Up : Craig Steele

Time's Up : Craig SteeleTime’s Up. She’s Breaking the Ice.

Detective Matilda White confronts a violent fascist drug cartel, using addiction, hideous torture and execution to take control of the city.

Meth is just the tip of their vile and bloody Iceberg. What hides beneath is horrific and pure evil. This savage