Fossilized Gods : J Simon

Fossilized Gods : J SimonFossilized Gods

Being a god isn’t easy. Oh sure, you can crash the super-exclusive club at that hot new pyramid, but one little drought and your worshippers are suddenly buryin


A Snail’s Tale : Sarah Edwards

A Snail's Tale : Sarah EdwardsA Snail’s Tale

A Snail’s Tale is a children’s picture book, written and illustrated by Sarah Edwards.

It has a lively rhyming text accompanied by colourful and detailed drawings. You are introduced to Omalvus, an artistic snail who draws pictures with his rainbow coloured slime

Dreaming of Dray : Sheila Murdock

Dreaming of Dray: Billionaire Dray Royce Series 1 : Sheila MurdockDreaming of Dray: Billionaire Dray Royce Series #1

Billionaire bachelor Dray Royce is looking for a wife, and women all over the world compete for a chance of a lifetime to become the one for him.

But Eve Lyle, and other women, have no idea just how out of control things will beco

On the Lam : August J. Esquire

On the Lam : August J. EsquireOn the Lam

This is a book for readers who want to laugh and enjoy the escape that travel has to offer.

Each chapter is a true adventure in one of five countries: Mexico, Egypt, China, Dominican Republic, and Germany. Throughout the tales of fortune, and mostly hilarious

Future Comes from Behind: Paradigm Shift : STK Chan

Future Comes from Behind: Paradigm Shift : STK ChanFuture Comes from Behind (Paradigm Shift, #1)

What if the battle for good and evil were being fought just out of our sight, beyond our reach?

How far should one go to seek out the good and destroy evil, and what consequences might their choices have?

“Tightly conceived and smoothly choreographed sci-fi fantasy. Higher aspects of human nature. Recommended”, The US Rev