Deadly Pranks : Donald Rush

Deadly Pranks : Donald RushWhat happens when a joke turns deadly?

Growing up in the sleepy and idyllic town of Kirtland, Ohio, four teenage boys, lifelong friends, enjoy many innocent pastimes, including football, baseball, and camping. The one not-so-innocent pursuit they’ve got tangled up in: pranks. Things take a sinister turn when tragedy befalls a tight-knit farming family, and their beloved father lies dead.

Revenge is a dish best served with a side of sisterly devotion and anger

Prey for Dawn : Christopher Michael Blake

Prey for Dawn : Christopher Michael BlakeWalnford Plantation is a place haunted in history, forgotten in the annals of time, and abandoned since the atrocities committed there during the civil war. But the horrors occurring at Walnford Plantation have just begun as a private detective searches for a woman’s missing sister and husband.

A cheating wife plots to kill her husband. Three Nomad gang members chase two men searching for lost confederate gold. In one night, these people wil

The Philanthropist : Roland Lewinsky

The Philanthropist : Roland LewinskyHead of the family Steve Bird is an entrepreneur, hotel chain owner and philanthropist. Wife Clara is a housewife, raising two children. The family lives the normal life of wealthy people in New York.

One day Steve Bird gets an offer from the Presidential staff to join one political party and tells his wife about it.

Clara is very excited about such good news, because she is tired of sitting at home and sees the opportunity to broaden he

Susan: A Jane Austen Prequel : Alice McVeigh

Susan : Alice McVeighSixteen-year-old Susan Smithson – pretty but poor, clever but capricious – has just been expelled from a school for young ladies in London.

At the mansion of the formidable Lady Catherine de Bourgh, she attracts a raffish young nobleman. But, at the first hint of scandal, her guardian dispatches her to her uncle Collins’ rectory in Kent, where her sensible cousin Alicia lives and “where nothing ever happens.”

Here Susan mischievously inspires the local squire to put on a play, with c

Dream Trail : Thomas J. Prestopnik

Dream Trail : Thomas J. PrestopnikEric Travers never imagined taking a three-week hiking trip through the wilderness. At twenty-seven, and several months after an unexpected breakup with his girlfriend, he was comfortably cocooned in his desk job at the Crandall Insurance Agency in Binghamton, NY, biding his time, yearning for spring and waiting for his life to blossom once again.

Then the weird dreams started. Images of lush, tree-covered mountains, ghostly apparitions and shamrocks inscribed

An Academic Nurse’s Tale : Pamela J. Brink

An Academic Nurse's Tale : Pamela J. BrinkLooking back, author Pamela J. Brink never really wanted to be a nurse, but when she was in high school, she couldn’t think of any other career for women she felt drawn to. She was expected to go to college, but she had no idea what she wanted to do with her life. In An Academic Nurse’s Tale, Brink narrates her story, telling how her

Cold Heart in Eden : Linda Laforge

Cold Heart in Eden : Linda LaforgeCold Heart in Eden – a delicious human-interest tale. Laced with desire, intrigue and murder, with a smattering of the esoteric. A modern-day Agatha Christie-esque read, set in a secret hotel in a far-off frozen land–where good people do naughty things!

A compelling tale of love, erotic fantasy and betrayal.

A sizzling read which weaves a treacherous tale, culminating in murder.

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The Angaran Chronicles: The Underside : BAD Agar

The Angaran Chronicles: The Underside : BAD AgarCan one live up to their own expectations? Or are we all fated for hypocrisy?

The magically enhanced super-assassin, elf-Hunter Anargrin, and his team are the elite of the elite; black operatives sent on the most dangerous assignments to undermine the authoritarian theocratic regimes of

A Grand Imperial War : Ray Tabler

A Grand Imperial War : Ray TablerWeeks into his new post commanding the small detachment of Imperial Marines guarding the Human embassy to the homeworld of the cat-like Farsalians, Lieutenant Suarez is facing a sticky situation.

The Human ambassador is having an affair with a Farsalian princess, who is a

Once Upon a Murderous Delusion : A.G. Russo

Once Upon a Murderous Delusion : A.G. RussoThe year is 1980 in a small, sleepy New England town. Out of nowhere, a series of devastating murders threaten the safety and well-being of the community. A serial killer has begun a deadly game of catch-me-if-you-can with local police, who have dubbed the carnage, “The Mommy Murders.”

Frightened residents are certain the violent rape/murders are in some way connected to the psychiatric unit of Parkhirst General Hospital. Nella, a nurse angst-r